You can rent a bike at our local Mercer County Parks to get active and have fun, according to Mercer Me. The new bike share program is now open to the public.

Mercer County, The Mercer County Park Commission, and Zagster are all working together on this. The bikes are located at Mercer County Park (near the 9/11 Memorial), Rosedale Park (Federal City Road), and the Red Barn in Mercer Meadows (Keefe and Cold Soil Roads). There are 10 bikes available at each park. You rent them through the Zagster app, which is free to download, I just checked.

The prices aren't bad. You can get an annual membership for only $20, which includes 2 free hours, per trip, then $1 for every half hour after that. For a one time use, you'll pay just $1 for every half hour. You can rent the bikes for any amount of time up to 8 hours. You better make sure you return it to one of the parks on time, though. You'll be hit with a $30 fine if it's more than 24 hours late.

For more information, click here.

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