Milk & Cookies dessert shop in Princeton is celebrating their 2nd anniversary in town by giving away free brownie sundaes TODAY (Wednesday, February 26th), according to Facebook.

Nothing will stop you from scrolling on Facebook faster than a picture of a brownie sundae with hot fudge oozing down the sides and fluffy whipped cream on top. Yumm. Wow. Doesn't it look amazing?

The caption reads, "On Wednesday February 26th it will be our 2nd anniversary. Please join us for the celebration. We will be giving out free brownie sundaes all day. See you there."

Ummm...thanks for the invitation. Grab your friends and get there.

Have you ever been to Milk & Cookies? It's the cutest shop on Chambers Street in downtown Princeton. All homemade cookies, so many different kids...the ultimate in deliciousness. They're open later on the weekends for when those late night cookie cravings hit, and will even deliver to neighboring towns. Check out their menu here.

Don't miss out on that free sundae today.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Milk & Cookies.


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