These are donuts like no other. Just got word from that a new donut shop is coming soon to Princeton and several other New Jersey towns.

Mochinut is the name of the shop. It's a growing specialty donut chain that's about to expand quite a bit in our area (there's already one in Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA).

If you're like me, the first thing you thought of was Japanese Mochi, right?  I love Mochi (filled with ice These donuts are going to be a Japanese Mochi/American donut combo.

Mochinuts look very unique. They look like 8 little round donut holes, connected to make one round donut. Can you picture them?

Here, look at this:

They look delicious, don't they? They're made fresh in the shops every day, all day.

According to the website, "Mochinut is made with rice flour which attributes to its chewy and stretchy texture. There is an alluring sticky addictiveness to each bite; a textural element that is completely different from yeast or cake donuts."

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Interesting. There are 25 different flavored Mochinuts including Milk Pebble, Strawberry Funnel, Banana Milk, Matcha, Cookie & Cream, Peanut Butter and more. Check out the complete list here.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. Lol.

The Mochinut shop is more than just donuts though. Besides Mochi donuts, its main menu items include Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs and Bubble tea drinks.

I've certainly never had a hot dog like that before, have you?

There are plans for eleven more Mochinut locations in New Jersey: Cherry Hill, Edison, Hoboken, Jersey City, Lodi, Manalapan, Nutley, Palisades Park, Parsippany, Ridgefield and Voorhees.

There are already Mochinut locations in Fort Lee, Norwood, Paramus in H-Mart, Summit, Montclair and Tenafly, New Jersey.

I'll let you know when I find out the exact location and opening date of the new Princeton location.

I can't wait to check it out. My mouth is already watering. Lol.

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