Well ... I don't know how I feel about this ...

Hasbro, they thought Monopoly for Millennials was a good idea. I mean it does sound cool and all till you get to the meat of it.

I mean, their kind of throwing shade at my generation.

I could really get into it but ... I won't right now.

So in this game, instead of buying property (since millennials can't afford it) you can buy experiences. Which obviously includes hitting up vegan spot for lunch or a 3 day music festival etc.

Oh and the pieces have changed too ... I'll be the hashtag instead of the hat now.

And the game's tagline ...  "Adulting is hard. You deserve a break from the rat race" ...

The shade is so real.

It's really not our fault, we're not set up to win. Which is so messed up.

By the way, no matter how annoyed you are right now at this. The game is still sold out right now.

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