According to WalletHub, Pennsylvania ranks among the Top 10 states for millennials.  The site based it's ratings on "36 key metrics, ranging from share of millennials to millennial unemployment rate to millennial voter-turnout rate."

Pennsylvania's highest rating came in the "Quality of Life" category, which was based on things like WalletHub's Best & Worst States for Singles.  (By the way, Pennsylvania ranked #6 on that list).

Unlike Pennsylvania, New Jersey rated on the bottom half of the Best & Worst States for Millennials, placing at #29.  New Jersey has the highest percentage of millennials living with their parents.  The state is also in the bottom 5 in the following categories --- Highest Housing Cost for Millennials and Lowest Percentage of Millennials.  On a positive note, NJ is #4 when it comes to the percentage of millennials with depression.

Massachusetts was ranked as the best state for millennials, while West Virginia was ranked worst.  For the complete list of rankings and more information, click here.

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