Uh oh, New Jersey. 

One of your favorite drinks may have been pulled off of shelves and it looks like it will be permanently. If you're anything like me, soda is my absolute weakness. I would take a huge soda over almost any dessert and would replace water with it.

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I know, embarrassing to admit. Although it is a very niche line of soda, I already can see people posting on Facebook about how unfortunate it is to lose. PepsiCo has officially announced that they will be discontinuing one of their products and it will be pulled off of shelves.

PepsiCo Discontinues Popular Mountain Dew Line

Mountain Dew Store via Amazon
Mountain Dew Store via Amazon

I was never a Mountain Dew fan, but if you are, you may be upset about this. You know what Mountain Dew is, right? It's typically green and is known for being one of the most sugary sodas ever made.

If you're a fan of the regular Mountain Dew, though, don't worry it's not going anywhere. PepsiCo has announced they are officially discontinuing their MTN Dew Energy line, according to The Street, which is just an energy drink version of Mountain Dew.


As I said, it's a very niche soda line, but I'm sure we'll be seeing posts of people mourning the loss of this sugar-caffeinated drink. To be honest, this doesn't shock me because I don't think I've ever seen anyone drink one of these!

I'm a die-hard soda girl, but I am OUT when it comes to energy drinks. They make me feel kind of crazy, so as long as my Diet Coke is safe, I'm alright for now. Although if you were a fan of these energy drinks, you may want to prepare yourself to switch back to an alternative brand, unfortunately.

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