You can rent Muhammad Ali's former Cherry Hill Mansion.

This is actually pretty major, especially if you're a boxing fan. I mean, he is kind of the greatest of all time.

Obviously, the price per night on Airbnb to rent the mansion will cost you a pretty penny.

I'm talking a sweet $1,250 per night. Insane.

The mansion does somehow house up to 12 guests in 5 beds within 4 bedrooms says

So if you really think about it. It's actually a pretty affordable stay if you have a party of 12 because if you split the bill evenly it will run you about $104 per person per night.

Not to mention past guests who have stayed in the home before say that it's totally worth it and rave that they had an amazing time and they would stay there again.

Some other cool amenities are 5.5 bathrooms, in ground pool, hot tub, tennis court, basketball court and 5 garages.


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