Good news, New Jerseyans! One of our very own burger joints has the second best burger in the whole country! According to The Daily Meal, White Manna from Hackensack has the number 2 burger in the country. The food blog has described the burger as “juicy”, topped with onions and cheese, and prepared on a Martin’s potato roll. The list also mentions the well done French fries and pickle slices compliment the burger very well!

The White Manna isn’t a stranger to publicity, with many notable celebrities giving the burger eatery their endorsement to food experts Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri to even models like Bella Hadid. The White Manna debuted their mouth-watering burger at the 1939 World’s Fair before opening up for business in New Jersey in 1946.

According to, in 2015, the site first mentioned the restaurant as not only the best burger in the whole state of New Jersey, but the number 17 best burger in the whole nation. That’s a lot of positions its has moved up in relatively little time. And don’t worry vegans, you can experience the burger goodness too, by ordering one of their meatless Beyond Meat patties.

Now this is all well and good, but you may be wondering, who ranked number 1 on The Daily Meal’s list? None other than the Au Cheval from Chicago. The French inspired eatery are notable for the double decker burger with American cheese, pickles, Dijon infused mayonnaise on a toasted bun with optional bacon or egg included!

New Jersey’s very own seem to be in good company!


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