There’s an incredible mural in Philadelphia that has been turning heads for almost two years, but it seems like only true locals know about it.

I mean… it doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of art or pop culture, this is super cool. But it dawned on me last weekend that it seems like only locals know about this mural. I was showing a friend around town last weekend, and I made it a point to include it on my Center City tour.

So, I'm here to share this insider's secret with you:

There's an EPIC mural for Lil Nas X's "Montero," and it's located in the Gayborhood in Center City Philadelphia. Look at this:

The 36-foot-by-36-foot mural was commissioned back in the summer of 2021 (right after Lil Nas X released the controversial music video for “Montero”).

It’s located at 1338 Cypress Street on the side of the Writer’s Block Rehab bar. That’s one of those tiny “alley” type streets in the Gayborhood — that’s between Spruce and Pine if you’re looking to navigate there.

The Lil Nas X mural was created by Ash Ryan, who told PhillyMag that it took 138 cans of spray paint to complete.

Ryan included all three of Nas’ Montero characters in the mural, which of course, means a ton queer culture not only in Philadelphia but also beyond the city's limits.

“On the other side of the building, we have a mural of the great Harlem Renaissance leader Alain Locke,” Krishnan told Philly Mag back in 2021. “And we wanted something for the other side, somebody who is making their mark on Black, gay history now, 100 years after Alain Locke.”

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Click here to read more of that interview for insights into the creation of this incredible project.

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