My son Nathan's baptism is finally happening on Sunday (after it was postponed back in May), and I know these pictures will last forever. So I was nervous about going to the salon today to have my eyelashes and eyebrows done.

Here's what happened: 

On top of it all -- I was heartbroken to have to can postpone, but I know that so many other people had to cancel events way bigger than ours, so I tried not to throw a huge tantrum about it.

We were very lucky too because the restaurant where we planned to have it, gave us our deposit back in the form of a gift card. We are now having the party under a big tent in our backyard. We're able to use the restaurant's gift card towards the party's catering. I know brides that aren't even getting their deposits back from their venues and some of their vendors aren't helping much either. So, again, I was okay with postponing it until now and once it's over, I will feel relieved and so happy that my baby is finally baptized.

I bought a Groupon a while ago to have my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted for my baby boy's big day because those pictures will last forever.

Once the pandemic started, all salons closed, so I wasn't able to use my voucher. Fortunately, my voucher was extended and I was able to make an appointment for today.

I was a little nervous because when I made the appointment there wasn't anything mentioned about COVID-19 precautions and procedures, but I told myself that if I walked in and didn't feel comfortable, I would leave.

I was very surprised when I walked up the stairs to the Lash studio, as I was stopped by an adorable, petite woman. She asked me if my name was Tiffany and if my appointment was at 1:30. I said, YES, and she told me that since they don't have a waiting area, and I was early for my appointment, would I mind waiting in my car? I said, "of course," and I went back to my new car, sat in the AC, and went on Instagram.

About 10 minutes later, I received a text that I was good to come up, and I was greeted once again by the same woman. She took my temperature, I had to sign some papers and I was asked to wash my hands before we got started. She was wearing a mask, and of course, masks were required by customers as well.

For safety -- they noted that there was to be no talking during the appointment, and this made me feel extremely comfortable. I was escorted into a quiet room, and there was only one other woman getting her lashes done.

As ladies know, having your lashes and eyebrows done can be a long process. I was there for about an hour and a half and every time my tech left the room, she washed her hands when entering again.

I was extremely impressed and really loved it there.

I guess what I want to tell you is, you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable. All small businesses are struggling for money right now, but you should not support that business if you are uncomfortable or feel your safety is at risk.

Personally, I'd suggest that you look for these procedures.

  • Appointments only
  • Waiting in your car until your appointment
  • Temperature checks
  • Social distancing enforced inside
  • Signs posted with COVID-19 procedures
  • Masks worn by EVERYONE and properly worn

You can still go out and get beautiful to feel yourself again, but you should do so ONLY if you feel safe.

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