A new HBO series with some serious star power is filming in the Philly suburb, Coatesville, PA, and surrounding areas, according to 6ABC.

I was so excited when I saw this. Hollywood's local...well, for a little while anyway. The new series is called, "Mare of Easttown." Kate Winslet from Titanic will be starring in it, and the locals are hoping to catch a glimpse of her. How far is Coatesville from Mercer County? I wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of her either. Lol.

According to the article, filming will go on for the next couple of months, with the crew filming at different spots throughout Delaware and Chester counties until spring. The home base for the production is at the empty Kmart location in Coatesville.

Speer Madanat, owner of Joey's Pizza, next to the abandoned Kmart turned production studio, told 6ABC, "Hopefully the energy from this causes a little energy for the Kmart spot. Maybe something great will come in there for the area. We want to get (Winslet) in here and get her a slice of pizza."

No word on when the series will premiere.

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