Grocery Outlet, the first of its kind in New Jersey, will be opening in Hamilton Township, according to Jersey Digs.

Grocery Outlet is a small grocery chain mostly out in the West (based in the San Francisco Bay Area), but they are now expanding more in the East.

Although, there are already a few stores in Pa, after the chain acquired the Amelia's Grocery chain.

The new local grocery option will find its new home in Hamilton Plaza, on the corner of Kuser Road and Whitehorse Avenue (in part of the large space occupied by the old Kmart).

It's about time something went in there. It's been empty for too long. It's a great location with plenty of parking.

The article states the new store will have a "total area of 20,644 square feet, with a sales floor area of 14,265 square feet."

Although, it's nice to see new business moving into the area, I hope this store doesn't hurt the business of long time, family owned grocery store, Foley's Family Market.

There were also rumors of an Amazon grocery store coming to Hamilton Township.

A retail building is being proposed near the intersection of Route 33 and Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road (1170 Route 33), not far from where this Grocery Outlet would be, and by the looks of it, it may be an Amazon retail store...or may not be. Click here for more.

In nearby Lawrence Township, a brand new Lidl grocery store just opened today (Wednesday, June 9th), which is similar to an Aldi.

There's certainly no shortage of food stores in the area.

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