Everything must go! One of the last Kmarts in the entire country is next in line to close its doors, and it's in Avenale NJ.

It's pretty obvious that Kmarts have been on a steady decline for years. In the age of the internet and online shopping, they've taken a pretty heavy fall from grace on a one-way trip to extinction. I mean, really - when's the last time you went to a Kmart?

One by one across the United States, Kmarts are closing its doors, and this one is no exception.

The Kmart located at 1550 St. Georges Ave, Avenel NJ is permanently closing this week, on April 16, according to ABC 7. Once this one closes, there will only be 3. Kmarts. Left - in the whole country! There's one more left in New Jersey, in Westwood, another one in Long Island New York, and one in Miami Florida. Almost hard to believe that in its heyday, Kmart had over 2,400 booming stores and employed over 400,000 people. Remember those green light sales?? They were the bees knees!

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But alas, in a world now dominated by Walmart, Amazon, and Target, it's only a matter of time before the remaining three will also succumb.

But at least they put up a fight for a long time. The company first filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2002. And not long after, there were robust attempts to restore the once-giant retail store back to its former glory. But then there was the recession, the rise of Amazon, and the continued fight against Walmart an Amazon. And then in 2018 they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy again before being sold to Transformco, which just barely saved them from from liquidation in 2019. And then..... enter COVID-19. Big oopf. Pretty much the nail in the coffin.

*cue the In Memoriam music*

So how  long will the last 3 hold out? Looks like a matter of months.

Even though it's not quite dead yet, RIP Kmart. You were a real one!

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