Beer is my thing. I will try any new beer out there. There have even been times that I try a beer just because of the nice artwork on the bottle or can and some turn out to taste surprisingly good.

There is a new beer out there that I want to try just because of the funny design on the can.

Do you remember when former New Jersey governor Chris Christie went on vacation down the shore and blocked off a whole beach area just for him and his family?

Well, that is part of the artwork on this new beer can.

According to, a New Jersey brewery called Icarus Brewing Co. "released Private Beach, a blonde ale with the infamous Christie photo." It is a funny beer can cover for sure.

In 2017 pictures were captured of the former New Jersey governor Chris Christie at the beach with his family and there were a ton of mixed feelings because the pictures were taken after the former governor had closed all state beaches. Now there is a comical beer can that resembles that specific moment.

In the Instagram post created by Icarus Brewing, it was stated that the Private Beach blonde ale was released right before Labor Day weekend on September 1st. In the comment section, people have actually shown the Private Beach blonde ale a lot of love. One Instagram user said, “Might be the greatest can label of all times," and another social media user said that whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise.




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The Private Beach blonde ale has 4.1% alcohol by volume, which is the average alcohol volume.

Customers were able to purchase 4-Packs, flight-packs, and merch of the Private Beach blonde ale.

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