This one makes me really sad on a few levels. Of course, anytime there is a danger posed it reminds me to run with a buddy, look under my car in a parking lot before opening my door, and to carry my mase with me. It is not the world I want to live in, I want to feel safe and I want you to feel safe too.

Just when we were starting to feel good with viral videos of people leaving snacks and beverages for busy delivery employees working around the clock for the holidays or pizza delivery guys getting an unexpected hundred-dollar tip, we are reminded that sometimes money is used as bait for something sinister.

I hate to echo my parents but when something is too good to be true it usually is. There is a rash of criminals putting what looks like real money on the windshield of cars. When the driver returns to their car, the hope is that you don't notice the cash until you start your car. Then the criminal waits for you to notice the money, hoping you get out of the vehicle to take it off the windshield.  While you are counting your money and your blessings, the criminal is ready to attack.

This is the point when people are getting jumped, sometimes violently to hinder your opposition. Then they jack your car. This is especially dangerous if you put your child into a car seat first because they will speed off with everything and anyone so as not to get caught.


Officials are warning you that if you see anything under your wiper blade never get out of your car. Drive with it intact, get off at the next safe exit, and remove it. When you get in your car lock your doors right away, put on your headlights, and drive off without wasting time.

There are reports of this happening across the country. Warnings have been issued in some states on Facebook like this.

Call the police if you find anything unusual placed on your car. A few months back there was a very scary incident with tainted napkins being stuffed in door handles. When someone goes to remove it, a chemical on the napkin renders them unconscious. Read about that story and warning here.

Of course, we have more to be worried about besides physical crime.  Here are the most popular scams running right now and how to protect yourself.

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