If you were asked, "Which states are the loudest in the country?", your answer would probably be California or New York. California because of all of the traffic and the car engines making so much noise. New York because of all of the constant honking that is going on. Well, you would be wrong with both of those answers. NYC and California are not the loudest states in the country.

BestLifeOnline.com put together a list of the loudest states as well as the ones with the least noise. You will be shocked to know that the Garden State is the loudest state in the country. Yes, the small state of New Jersey makes a lot of noise and no it is not party noise.

We learned that Best Life "calculated the population density," compared every single U.S. Department of Transportation as well as how much noise was caused by construction and air traffic. The state of New Jersey has been doing the same road work for years so we can see how it's the loudest state in the country.

According to Best Life's website, these are New Jersey's numbers on why it's considered the loudest state.

  • Number of vehicles per capita: 0.68
  • Construction spending per capita: $1,395.04
  • Number of flights: 710,816
  • Loudness Score: 100.00

New Jersey is followed by Virginia, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Delaware. Those are the 5 loudest states. The state with a 0.00 loud score, really that is the score, is the state of Vermont. I personally wouldn't be able to live in such a quiet state. I hate that the construction is never finished in Jersey but I love that we have wild noises.

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