It's that time of year when cookies and milk are left out for everyone's favorite guy, Santa Claus. The interesting question is, "Are New Jerseyans going to leave cookies out for Santa Claus when he drops off the gift?"

It has been stated on that New Jersey residents are really not all about the cookie craze. We learned that this quarantined year there has been a "rise in Global Cookie demand during COVID." According to, yes there is a cookie craze worldwide but in America, there is a 25% increase in demand for cookies during the pandemic.

Okay, but let's get back to the reason why we are saying New Jersey isn't really about this cookie craze. We learned from that out of all 50 states New Jersey lands in the 40th spot and residents really aren't into cookies. There were so many cookies that I personally love such as Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Sugar Cookies, Shortbread Cookies, amongst others and New Jersey didn't land on any of those top lists.

Here is the interesting part, we know that there are a lot of Italians in the state of New Jersey and the Italian pastries are amazing. Well, the Italian cookie, Biscottis, was on the list and New Jersey landed in the 4th spot for that cookie.

When it comes to Pennsylvania that is a different story. Pennsylvanians love their cookies a little more and land in the 19th spot. Favorite cookies for Pennsylvanians are the Wafer Cookies and Macaroons.

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