I’ll admit right here and right now. I am the worst when it comes to pronouncing complicated words. If you have a name I’ve never seen before, odds are I’m going to shamefully ask you 10 times the correct pronunciation and I’ve just learned to accept that now.

When I’m traveling to new places, I tend to screw up different town and street names all the time. I’m not alone when it comes to this sort of thing though!

24/7 Wall St has made a list of the most commonly mispronounced town names across the entire country and this New Jersey town has found its way on the list.

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I feel because New Jersey is a somewhat small state compared to others, even if you haven’t made a stop in a town that has a tricky pronunciation, you still know how to pronounce it. This website has made an official list that is supposed to trip up Americans across the country with these extremely challenging town names.

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After going through the list myself, I’m sure I butchered 90% of them, but I can confidently say the New Jersey town that is on the list, I pronounced flawlessly.

Do you think you know which New Jersey town most Americans will struggle to pronounce? It for sure is one of the more challenging names in the state, even to a New Jersey native.

This New Jersey Town Name Will Trip Up Most Americans


24/7 Wall St has named Runnemede, New Jersey one of the hardest town names to pronounce in the entire country! If you don’t know, Runnemede is pronounced: “RUN-a-meade”. It’s a fairly small town in New Jersey that has a population of 8,391.

Maybe it’s because I’m a New Jersey native, but I didn’t realize how hard this town name was to pronounce until this list! Now I’m thinking about all of the other confusing towns in New Jersey!

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