Have you seen pictures of New jersey’s most expensive Airbnb?

Places that are for rent on Airbnb are usually full of amazing deals.

You can pretty much rent a place to stay just about anywhere for a reasonable price, but this Monroe Township, NJ home isn’t exactly a cheap getaway. This ginormous mansion is equipt with 6 bedrooms, 16 beds, and 4.5 bathrooms.

There are over 40 pictures showcasing the giant home and all of it looks beautiful, obviously.

The host himself has 44 reviews that are for other homes that he is an Airbnb host for, but this specific location has 0 reviews.

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Obviously, this part of it all doesn’t shock me too much because the house is available to rent for a small price of $5,200.

No wonder why there are no reviews available on the website! It’s nearly impossible to afford!

Also, to add on to the nightly cost, you can only rent this property out if you pay for a minimum of 7 nights.

A 7 night's stay in this house, including the cleaning and service fees, will come out to a grand total of $42,081. Aside from the beautiful home, there is a ginormous backyard that could occupy plenty of people.


There’s an inground pool, hot tub, and even a play set if you want to bring the kids along with you!

Hey, if you’re financially capable enough to rent this place out for you and your 15 other besties, go for it! I envy you!

But, if you’re just like me and are only curious to see the pictures, keep scrolling!

Is NJ's Most Expensive Airbnb Worth The Money?

This Monroe Township, NJ Airbnb is the most expensive rental in all of New Jersey, but is it worth it? Take a look inside and decide for yourself.

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