I’ll admit it. I am a total in-person shopper. Even though it’s much more convenient to go on your laptop or phone, sign into Amazon, and get everything you need in minutes, it doesn’t compare to in-person shopping.

The older I get and the more popular online shopping becomes, there’s nothing I love more than just going to a mall to walk around and browse. New Jersey is home to one of the oldest malls in America and it may even be the mall you go to the most frequently.

Business Insider made a list of the oldest shopping malls in each of the 50 United States and an extremely popular mall in The Garden State is actually the oldest around.

Garden State Plaza in Paramus Is New Jersey’s Oldest Mall

Westfield Garden State Plaza via Facebook
Westfield Garden State Plaza via Facebook

That’s right! Garden State Plaza in Paramus is New Jersey’s oldest mall according to Business Insider. The famous shopping mall opened its doors back in 1957 and has only expanded since.

The original anchor store when the mall first opened was Bamberger’s and the mall added Gembels and JCPenney just a year after its opening. Now, we know the mall as Westfield Garden State Plaza and it’s home to about 220 stores.

Big brand names like Adidas, Apple, Gucci, Kate Spade, and so much more. New Jersey is full of history as a state and this iconic mall is just a small part of that! For information on the Garden State Plaza and a list of stores, visit their website here. 

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