I hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends. Unlike last year, it was a beautiful weekend, so I hope you were able to spend time on the beach or by a pool.

Other than getting extreme sunburn on the top of my feet, I had an awesome weekend. On Saturday, I went surfing with my best friend and then spent time in Belmar. On Sunday, I enjoyed a family barbecue at my parents' house in Wall Township. Do you know how amazing it was eating a hot dog from the grill?!

My Memorial Day was great too. My friends and I relaxed on New Jersey's most underrated beach. No crowds, easy parking, and you can sip on a few cocktails without having to look over your shoulder. Do you know what beach I am talking about? See below!

Anastasia Taioglou-Unsplash
Anastasia Taioglou-Unsplash
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I live in Belmar, so I always go to Belmar Beach. However, the Memorial Day crowds were so absurd that I decided to make my way a few beaches south. This little beach is so underrated, and many locals don't even have the chance to spend time on it. You need a pass, or you need to know someone who has a pass.

I am writing about the National Guard Training Center also known as Sea Girt Army Beach. If you've been to this beach, you know what I am talking about. This beach is little slice of heaven for all military personnel, veterans, police, firefighters, and other first responders. It was really cool to see many of our first responders getting the chance to relax with their families on Memorial Day. That's what it is all about!

Luckily my friend's dad was a NJ state trooper, so I able to hop in his car before making our way through the gate. Easy parking, no crowds, no craziness - Even the ocean water is cleaner. I think it's New Jersey's most underrated beach. Do you agree?!

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