Want to up your party game? Community News is reporting there's a new balloon business in Mercer County that you should definitely check out.

It's called Balloons with a Flair and it's located in the old Graycar Travel building on Nottingham Way in the heart of Hamilton Square.

I've seen the sign when turning onto Nottingham Way from Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road...it's directly in front of you, you can't miss it.

The owner is local, Jerry Deblasio Jr. He's worked as a bartender and a server in the area since he was a teenager (he's 33 now). When the pandemic hit back in 2020, he knew he needed a new life plan...and after a quick Facebook post his balloon business was born.

Let's back up for a minute. Jerry loved decorating with balloons. He always crafted big balloon displays at family parties and other social occasions. His family and friends loved his creations and would always tell him he should open a balloon business. He always laughed them off, the article says.

During the pandemic, when he was out of work from the restaurant biz, Jerry decided to post on Facebook that he was thinking about starting a balloon decorating business. A few hours later, he got over 200 comments from people who wanted to book him. Wow.

Deblasio's been running the business out of his Hamilton home up until recently, but, its success has lead him to finding a storefront for more space to fill his many orders and allow customers to see samples of his balloon art.

Keep Jerry in mind for your next party or special occasion. He'll work with you no matter what your budget is.

He doesn't use helium, by the way. All of his balloon creations are air filled. He said in the article that helium is expensive and the balloons don't last as long as the air filled one.

Check out Balloons with a Flair on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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