I'd be lying if I told you I didn't wipe down every single grocery item I've bought in the past few months. I definitely have been living a "better safe than sorry" life.

So that's why I feel A LOT of relief seeing this report. So if you're worried about catching COVID-19 from food or food packaging, there's some good news.

The FDA and USDA put out a joint statement saying there's no evidence of anyone contracting the virus from food or food packaging.

Here's the full statement according to WREX -

“The United States understands the concerns of consumers here domestically and around the world who want to know that producers, processors and regulators are taking every necessary precaution to prioritize food safety especially during these challenging times. However, efforts by some countries to restrict global food exports related to COVID-19 transmission are not consistent with the known science of transmission. There is no evidence that people can contract COVID-19 from food or from food packaging. The U.S. food safety system, overseen by our agencies, is the global leader in ensuring the safety of our food products, including product for export.”

Like I said, this made me let out a big sigh of relief. I hope it made you feel a little better.

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