Going to a public restroom while you are down the shore should not cost you a dime. You are already paying to be at the beach.

According to NBC 10, the boardwalk at Seaside Heights will be charging everyone that wants to use the restroom. We learned that the boardwalk at Seaside Height recently put in new restrooms for beachgoers to use but you will have to pay a dollar to be able to use this restroom.

As soon as you walk to the restroom you will run into a sign that says "For entrance visit House of Fries for key."

It was stated on NBC 10 that the company that created the restroom thought it was a good idea to charge to use the public restroom because it will help keep it clean. The reason why is because the money will cover the costs of cleaning services for the restroom.

There are definitely mixed feelings when it comes to having to pay for the restroom. One beachgoer told NBC 10 that she believes it is "disgraceful" because beachgoers already go to the beach to spend money but they do not want to waste it on using a restroom. I agree, there should not be a charge to use the restroom when you are already paying to do everything else.

On the other hand, there were other beach lovers that were all for the $1 charge because they believe they will be using a cleaner bathroom.

Back home in LA, there are some restrooms that you have to pay 50 cents to use, and let me tell you, that did not help keep it clean. I am not saying it will be the same at the Seaside Heights boardwalk but you just never know. Not everyone is "clean."

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