If you are planning on traveling from China and are arriving to New Jersey, specifically Newark Liberty International Airport, prepared to be screen for the coronavirus. Health officials from the Centers for Disease and Prevention announced that they would be doing this to better the public’s safety.

Around the world, health officials are getting prepared for the outbreaks from the coronavirus because over 90 cases have presented themselves outside of the 6,100 from outside of China. With the death toll of 132 in China it is expected that the virus will impact air travel. In fact, American and United airlines have canceled certain flights to China since the outbreak began with the hopes to not further spread the virus.

Governor Phil Murphy stated ““We will continue our close partnership with both the CDC and other appropriate federal agencies to expedite testing of any potential coronavirus cases,” Murphy said. “Let me reiterate, unequivocally, there are currently no potential cases of coronavirus pending.” If you are planning to travel be sure to look at the chart the New Jersey Department of Health created if you are concerned. 


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