Nicki Minaj is boo'd up and her relationship with her new non-industry boyfriend Kenneth "Zoo" Petty has everyone talking. Especially since the mystery man has a troubled past, which includes a conviction for rape as a teen and a prison sentence for manslaughter. Recently details emerged about the 2002 killing that put Petty in prison for seven years.

On Saturday (Dec. 22), TMZ obtained details of the case, which sound a bit ruthless. According to law enforcement sources, Petty ran down on a man named Lamont Robinson in April 2002 on a street corner in Queens, N.Y. He reportedly hopped out of his vehicle, walked over to his victim and shot him three times in the stomach before leaving the scene.

Robinson survived long enough to identify Petty as the shooter, but died a short time later due to complications from his wounds. Petty was initially charged with second-degree murder. He later pleaded out to first-degree manslaughter. Authorities believe the shooting was over a gang-related beef. Petty was eventually released in 2013.

Petty has also served time for an attempted rape that occurred when he was 16 years old. Despite his troubled past, Nicki is standing by her man.

“I love making you mad,” she tweeted when Petty's past first became big news. “Everyone on social media is now a psychic. They not only tell the future, but the past too. They are your judge, jury & executioner. I never meet these perfect ppl in real life tho. They exist only on social media.”

So you know it's real, Petty recently got the rap star's name tattooed on his neck.

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