New Jersey just ranked in as 2019's State with the Highest Real-Estate Property Taxes according to this WalletHub Study.

According to WalletHub, the average household in America spends around $2,500 on property taxes each year. Because these taxes are so high more then $14 billion on these taxes go unpaid - believe it or not.

To get the numbers, WalletHub compares home and vehicle taxes across the nation with insights from experts.

So what do the Garden States taxes look like?!  When you average out New Jersey's numbers when it comes to real-estate and vehicle property taxes the dollar amounts rank in pretty high.
Property Taxes in New Jersey (1st=Lowest; 25th=Avg.):

  • Real-Estate Property Tax Rank: 51st
  • Vehicle Property Tax Rank: 1st
  • Real-Estate Tax on Median State Home Value: $7,840
  • Real-Estate Tax on Median U.S. Home Value: $4,725
  • Vehicle Property Tax on Best-Selling Car: $0.00


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