Summer is just about over and that means Sunflower season is here!! If you are just as obsessed with sunflowers as I am, listen up. There is a sunflower maze that exits in Jersey that has over 1 million sunflowers! Its the largest maze on the east coast and it happens to be in Sussex county!! 

The Sussex County Sunflower Maze has more than 50 acres of land opened to the public. Not to mention. a new maze is carved every season! So the excitement is new every single year. The flowers are beautiful. There are so many flowers of different size shape and color. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are also critical pollinators. When you visit, don't be surprised if you see many bees, birds and bats flying around.

The only thing is that these sunflowers will only stay bloomed for a few weeks. So hurry on over so you can get your awesome instagram pictures!

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