If you’re looking to celebrate spooky season by visiting some attractions throughout New Jersey, there’s one place you absolutely have to put on your list. I’m not talking about haunted houses and hayrides, I’m talking about the real haunted attractions you can see right in New Jersey.

It's always fun to find out some spooky history during this time of year! We live in a super historic part of America, so we tend to get to experience a lot of history for ourselves each and every day. A list was released which named the most haunted places throughout the entire country and a New Jersey landmark has landed itself on the list! Do you think you can guess which one it is? If you’ve lived here long enough, I’m sure you can guess correctly.


What is The Most Haunted Place in the State of New Jersey?


According to a list made by CNTraveler, the Pine Barrens is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the entire country. It spans over 1 million acres and 7 counties in New Jersey. We all know of the haunted stories of the New Jersey Devil lurking throughout the Pine Barrens, which is a large reason that this has made its way on the list. S lot of people who have gone to explore this heavily forested area in New Jersey have reported seeing and feeling some paranormal energy, hence why it landed on this list.

Check out the full list of America’s most haunted places, here!

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