\Although we’re only just approaching Halloween, there are a ton of people who seem to look at the bigger picture this time of year. I’m one of those people who like to take things one at a time when we approach the October - December holiday cluster, but I have to say I’m not always the most prepared.

With that being said, maybe the people who tend to plan for Christmas in September have it right! Thanksgiving is the next major holiday we have to prepare for after Halloween and I’m sure you’re already assigning your guests different desserts and appetizers even before we get to Halloween.



If you’re like me, meaning you’re a little bit of a procrastinator with holiday things, there are a few stores that won’t be able to bail you out this Thanksgiving if you need last-minute items. Whether you completely ruin Turkey or break your favorite crock pot the morning your family is coming to your home, you’re going to have to look somewhere other than these 7 stores.

We’re just about 6 weeks away from Thanksgiving Thursday and some big-name retailers have either newly announced or are sending gentle reminders to shoppers that their doors will be closed on Turkey Day!

I personally think it’s great to give retail workers a break to be with their families and to give them time to prepare for the chaos of Black Friday. So, if you’re from New Jersey make sure you’re extra prepared this Thanksgiving day because these major retailers won’t be open to bail you out if something goes wrong!

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Make sure to be extra prepared this Thanksgiving, because these major retailers will not be open to bail you out!

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