A man from New Jersey has finally returned a library book that he took out in middle school.

Okay, so how long ago did he take out this book?

It's been 53 years since he checked out the book.

53 years? That's a really long time! I feel like I wouldn't even remember having a book for half a century!

Harry Krame, of Fair Lawn, NJ, recently returned the book "The Family Book of Verse" by Lewis Gannet, which he checked out from his middle school's library in 1966.

Krame, now 63 years old, says he found the book when he was cleaning out his basement.

That's when his guilt took over.

Even though he took out the book when he was 13 years old he still felt the need to return it. Now that's a great citizen right there.

Krame brought the book back to Memorial Middle School and asked to speak to the Vice Principal.

Guess what?! Honesty does really pay off because his $2000 late fee was waived.

According to nj.com, the school librarian is going to use the book to show students the importance of turning in books on time.


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