Was scrolling through Twitter this morning, when a NBC 10 post caught my eye about a lawyer from Galloway, NJ, who had invented a tube like thing, that promises to keep those nasty, biting, greenheads away from you this summer on the beach! Yipee!!  Hooray!!!  I'm telling you, those stupid flies can ruin a good day on the beach! They don't stop, they're relentless, and the bites hurt!  I end up having to wrap myself in towels like a mummy...it's miserable, absolutely miserable. A few years ago, my hubby had heard about a home remedy where you mix listerine mouthwash and water, and put it in a squirt bottle and when they're around you, you squirt them, and all is better!  Nope!  It seemed to work at first, a little, but, nope, so, I'm kind of excited about this guy's new product! It apparently repels these suckers within 3 feet of wherever you put it, and it works by the "refraction of light that comes from the tube thingy and the sun."  It took Scott Macon (I should call him by his name, instead of "this guy") two years to perfect what's being called the "Greehead Greenaid." It's a combo of copper tape, water, 2 non toxic compounds, which he's not giving away, and gold dust. It has it's own Instagram page. Search greenheadgreenaid. He's in the process of getting a patent for it and is working on wearable ones too. That's music to my ears!  I think I'll be making a stop at Chestnut Neck Boat Yard in Port Republic, on my way to Ocean City...that's one of the places where they're selling them for $20 each. It's worth every penny for a greenhead-free vacation!

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