Apparently, we need to go back to at least the third grade in New Jersey… A list of the most commonly misspelled words in each state has been released and we have to step up our spelling skills in New Jersey!

I have to admit though, I probably would not be a decent speller without spell check, so I’m probably a part of this percentage of people who can’t spell one simple word. If there was one thing I WAS NOT in school, it was the winner of the spelling bee. Also, I feel like I don’t really have to know how to spell most words because of spell check! It’s a good time for the bad spellers of the world.

Google Trends has released an infographic that highlights the top spelling searches in each state, specifically looking at searches that began with “How do you spell…” writes Google Trends’ official Twitter released the map of the most commonly misspelled words in each state and New Jersey’s is so simple that it hurts! It for sure is one of those words that when you write it down, looks completely wrong. Can you guess which it is? 

The Most Commonly Misspelled Word in New Jersey is ‘Thousand’

Is there a real way to misspell this word? Maybe spell it like ‘Thousend’? I thought it would be more like Pennsylvania’s word which is ‘Reimbursement’. Are you contributing to the bad spellers of New Jersey? I for sure am, but Thousand is a word I can confidently say I am able to spell.

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