Help is on the way. As of today (Monday, January 25th), New Jersey has opened a call center to help sort out your COVID-19 confusion, according to NJ Health Source. Don't worry, you're not alone.

The new call center phone number is:

(855) 568-0545. That's (855) 568-0545. One more time (855) 568-0545.

Even if you don't think you'll need it, save it in your phone. We're constantly getting new information and new vaccination sites are opening all the time.

The NJ Health Commissioner, Judy Persichilli, explained that live agents will be available to answer any questions you many have regarding COVID, like how to find care if you think you have the virus, how to register to receive for a vaccine, how to go about getting an an appointment for the shots, once you are eligible to get a vaccine. Hallelujah.

The call center will have both English and Spanish agents available for you to talk to. You can call anytime from 8am to 8pm. I decided to give the number a call, so I could tell you what to expect. Well, it was more automated than I had hoped. There was an immediate recording saying they were experiencing a higher than expected call volume, and encouraged me to visit the website, for the most updated information. The message went on to instruct me how to register for the vaccine. Then, it said Press 1 if you have already registered. Well, I pressed 1 and it didn't take me anywhere. Sigh. I know it's the first day. hopefully, the bugs are worked out soon. The message also said, later this week it would be able to help us make appointments at specific vaccine sites.

I know I'm not the only one feeling frustrated by the whole process vaccine process. I've been trying to get my parents appointments, with no luck. As you may know, my mom has breast cancer. She needs the vaccine ASAP. I'm trying so hard to keep her safe. Both of my parents of over 65, making them more vulnerable. They're both eligible for the vaccine right now, but, there are no appointments anywhere. Ugh. I have them on a bunch of waiting lists. Hopefully, something opens up soon. Nothing yet.

I'm anxious to call and get some help getting vaccine appointments. Fingers crossed.

For more information, click here.


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