Saturday was a tough day for a dachshund from Secaucus.  According to ABC7, the dachshund whose name is Khaleesi got stuck in a drain pipe while chasing a rabbit.  After unsuccessfully trying the release the dog, Khaleesi's owner called the fire department.

When the rescue team arrived, they realized that the retaining wall where the pipe was located was in danger of collapsing.  They ended using a camera to help assess the situation and the Jaws of Life to break the pipe open.  Mark Mastorelli, the captain of the Secaucus Fire Department's Rescue Company 1 and Ladder Company 1, said "the hardest part was the digging, and listening to the dog crying and whimpering while (they) were digging."

Khaleesi was a trooper and after being trapped for 20 hours, she was finally released and reunited with her grateful owners, Emilio and Kristie Ann Ramos.

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