If you're anything like me, then you've been coughing, sneezing. and blowing your nose since the end of March. Yep, allergy season came early here to the Garden State. That's one early arrival that a bunch of us could've done without.

If you're not someone who struggles with seasonal allergies, consider yourself lucky. This year has been atrocious to my immune system. Allergies this year rendered me utterly useless on the couch at least two times so far. "No bueno," is an understatement.

A lot of Jersey residents, myself included, all thought that maybe since allergy season hit us so early this spring, that we'd get some relief a little earlier, too. I'm sorry to report that won't be the case.

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They start usually around late-March every year in the southern parts of the state, but that obviously depends on the temperature. Since it was a pretty mild winter here in the Garden State, some of the blame for this year's severity has to fall there. It was warmer than usual in late winter, so pollen had an easier time getting around.

Apparently, it's sticking around, too. Mix the warm weather with minimal rainfall and you get the perfect situation for pollen to have a harder time dissipating. We'll be in the thick of it until about June. Still, that's when mold spores and ragweed start to become a problem.

Currently, we're still dealing with tree and grass pollen. Grass pollen is only going to get worse as we approach the beginning of May.

Make sure you're keeping up with your allergy medication so you, at the very least, have a chance at some relief over the next few weeks. Hang in there, fellow allergy-sufferers.

Source: NJ.com

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