Having to pay rent for the last few months hasn't been the easiest task for many people across the country. Many families probably have gone through so much stress to continue to have a roof over their heads.

It seems like some landlords have not charged their current tenants but it has been said that the tenants will later receive a big chargeback. According to NJ.com, New Jersey landlords will actually have the opportunity to apply for a federally-funded grant program that will benefit many families.

The way that the federally funded grant program will benefit families that haven't been paying rent is because the landlords that apply for the program will have to forgive all rent and fee charges that are still outstanding.

NJ.com reported that the landlords that are allowed to sign up for the program are those that own "three to 10 rental units" and were not paid rent by the tenants between April and July. These decisions have all come because of the struggles that everyone has had during this pandemic.

We also learned that landlords can possibly receive a very good amount of money in New Jersey. Here is the thing though, the New Jersey Mortgage and Finance Agency that is running the program told NJ.com that the amount of money received will depend on the size of the rental units.

If you are a seasonal rental property, hate to break it to you but you will not qualify.

The beauty of all of this is that so many families that have been having a tough time during this pandemic will not have to worry about any back charges.

Landlords, apply now to cut some stress away from these families.

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