Did you know the best place to pass a kidney stone is at the most magical place on earth? Well, this one New Jersey girl did. There's a trend going around online that people are traveling all the way to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to pass a kidney stone, and here's why.

According to a study riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World helps ease the passage of small kidney stones, says livescience.com. After multiple patients trying this theory researchers wanted to get to the bottom of this. Was this ride actually causing the stones to pass in these patients after riding the ride 2-3 times a day or was this all just a coincidence?

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Researchers created a 3D model of a kidney and placed 3 real kidney stones all of different sizes in the model kidney. They then took the model kidney on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster 20 times. It turns out researchers concluded that kidney stones passed nearly 64% of the time after riding the ride.

This New Jersey girl shared her journey on TikTok about trying out this theory after suffering from pain caused by a kidney stone. She woke up one morning and booked a flight from Jersey to Orlando just to spend one day in Magic Kingdom.


Her and her partner got to the park and rode Big Thunder Mountain twice that day and took a flight home that same night. Amazingly enough, she reported that she passed the stone the very next morning after riding the ride just twice that day.

I cannot believe this is a real thing! I wonder if you can get a Magic Kingdom ticket covered by insurance if you need to pass a kidney stone now!

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