What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Twitter has been creeping on your tweets and they think they have it figured out.

We might as well get right to it before the President shuts Twitter down, lol.


Mint chocolate chip is New Jersey's favorite ice cream flavor.

Based on this hard-hitting research, only Maine and Delaware share our taste.

If you're asking yourself where the tried and true chocolate and vanilla are, those flavors were used in the "control group." Twitter wasn't messing around!

Other popular ice cream varieties that trended were strawberry, brownie, cookie dough, and coffee.

We're all bored out of our minds in quarantine, so we might as well analyze a little bit. It looks like the midwest as a whole favors cookie dough, while coffee dominated the west coast. The south loves their brownie ice cream, and only Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, and Alaska favor strawberry. You know, the last part of the Neapolitan ice cream to be eaten.

One major question remains. Where the heck is my cookies and cream?

Take a look at what the country is screaming for.

(photo: Twitter)

What's your go-to flavor? Is it something exciting like rocky road, or are you more of a traditional chocolate or vanilla person?

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