During the holidays I know I'm always rushing around and thinking of what to get for everyone on my gift list, but what gift do you give to your hair stylist or mail person?

In fact, I talk about this every year with my co-workers. We've heard you gift your hair stylist the amount of a regular visit, and a small gift or tip to your mail carrier, but is that true?

Well, now I'm not so sure. I found a complete guide when it comes to tipping during the holiday on NJ.com.

See some suggestions from the guide below:

Mail carrier

A cash gift that comes close to the cost of one session or $50.

Dog Groomer

It suggests the cost of "one free session." I'm guessing it's the cost of a standard or basic grooming session.

We've discussed this topic on air, and some listeners have argued, "why should you give a gift to someone who is providing you a service? It's their job to do that work."

Yet, the holidays are a reminder to all that it's the season of giving. The guide also mentions that a card with a nice personal holiday message is another great way to show your appreciation.

See their complete guide here.

Happy holidays, and I hope this list helps!

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