When there is bad weather you really don't want to leave the house and you want to get everything delivered. No one can be blamed for that.

But here is a very important question. Do you tip the deliver drivers a little more when you order food on a day with really bad weather?

You can't be cheap. You really have to take care of them while you are trying to be lazy at home.

On TikTok, I found a video where a business owner of a New Jersey restaurant said that he was short-staffed due to the bad weather. His drivers were not able to get to work because of the snow storm we recently experienced.

The owner of the New Jersey pizzeria mentioned that he did some deliveries himself. One delivery was even taken to Amazon. Here is where it gets interesting.

The owner of the pizzeria stated in the TikTok video that the food order was delivered to the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville and the order was paid for with the Amazon company credit card. There is nothing wrong with that, right?

Well we also learned from the TikTok video that the person who placed the order from the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville did not tip at all.

I understand if you want to tip the bare minimum when you are paying out of pocket but not tipping at all, especially when using the company card, is a little frustrating.

In the TikTok video, you can hear the owner say, "Imagine someone trying to feed their family, trying to pay the water bill, trying to pay this bill that bill, and you don't tip them."

If you order food during bad weather it is only right that you tip. Even if it's the bare minimum.

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