Ocean City, New Jersey has a new title that’s quite impressive. There are hundreds of thousands of Airbnbs to rent for your vacation throughout the United States.

Still, it’s just been revealed that this beach town that New Jersey knows and loves is officially the site's most booked destination for this fall season, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, inquirer.com.

It’s kind of crazy that a boardwalk beach town is where everyone is dying to go for their Fall 2022 getaways, but it was just confirmed! The Ocean City boardwalk is a site to see for sure; apparently, people from all over are dying to experience it.

It was calculated this is Fall 2022’s most popular destination based off of the total number of nights booked in the area.

I’ve been to Ocean City maybe once, and already know that there are a number of attractions that people travel to see every summer.


I know a huge attraction that brings crowds into the area is the infamous Lucy The Elephant. Recently, that was just turned into an Airbnb and is listed on their website, which I’m sure has a lot of bookings!

Ocean City, New Jersey calls the fall season their “second season”. Everyone evidently always tries to squeeze in that last summer getaway right after labor day, which leads to many bookings of rentals within the area.

Nobody is quite sure about the exact amount of bookings we’re talking about for the fall season, but we do know where it’s ranked!

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