Just when I thought that the pandemic couldn't get any worse — now strip clubs are falling victim to social distancing and Coronavirus guidelines by the state.

An extremely popular Ocean County strip club and bar Delilah's Den on Lakewood Road in Toms River posted a status update to their social media accounts and stated that they would be opening on Friday, September 4th while properly enforcing mask use and proper social distancing guidelines at all time.

Delilah's Den Toms River via Facebook

I laughed when I saw the post by Delilah's, but I quickly realized that it is just another causality of COVID-19 that nobody is talking about — professional strippers. It's a touchy subject for some, but these women rely on their jobs just like anyone else, and I hate that the profession is so vilified that we didn't even bother to talk about it during the pandemic.

While waiters and waitresses have got hit extremely hard (and I am not trying to minimize that in any way), strippers couldn't even work because it would otherwise illegal to do their work outside (for obvious reasons).

These women (and some men) have had to find other jobs in the meantime because if they apply for unemployment now, they probably would get peanuts because most of their work is done in tips. This is horrible.

While I am really glad that Delilah's Den is opening back up (and I have no idea how a strip club works), I just really hope that these women can make up some of the money the lost during the months that they didn't work.

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