Best. Fries. Ever! Did you hear that you can win a coveted "McGold" card?  That means free Mickey D's for life! Oh yeah! They don't hand out those McGold cards to just anyone....I know a few celebs have them, but, could only use them for a year, and I think the President may have one, but, that's it!  According to McDonalds, you've got 2 weeks for this contest. If you win, you get the McGold card, which gets you free food for life! Whoa! You'll get 2 free meals a week for the next 50 years...sounds good to me! You can enter once a day by ordering food on their app, starting tomorrow (Friday, Aug 10th). There are McDonalds all over our area! They're only going to pick 1 winner! Get to it!

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