New Jersey has always been a hotspot location for TV shows to be set in. The Sopranos, House, and Boardwalk Empire are just a few examples of extremely popular TV series that are set in New Jersey, and now, we can add WandaVision to our repertoire.

According to MyCentralJersey, this gem of a TV Show is actually set in a fictional town in North Jersey. WandaVision, created by Marvel and available to stream on Disney+, follows Wanda Maximoff, a member of the Avengers, and her husband, Vision, also an Avenger as they navigate life in a small town. As the show goes on, however, it is revealed that Wanda is actually controlling the entire town in order to live out a fantasy life with Vision (after she brought him back to life). The town she is controlling? Westview, New Jersey.

After a mention of Hackensack in an episode, MyCentralJersey has determined that Westview seems to be in Bergen County. Now, you may ask is this the only Marvel superhero using New Jersey as its home state? The answer is no. According to MyCentralJersey, Camp Lehigh seen in Captain America is in New Jersey, The Wasp is from Cresskill, Jessica Jones lived in Caldwell, Ms. Marvel is from Jersey City, and even the Defenders use a house in Montclair as their HQ.

WandaVision, with 8 out of 9 episodes available, is currently one of the Top 10 streaming shows in the world right now according to Variety. And as someone who isn't much of a Marvel fan, I have to say this show has me hooked!


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