Gluten free folks - next year is already way better than this year and it hasn't even happened yet. Why is that? Gluten Free Oreos!

For those who live a gluten-free lifestyle, options can be limited when it comes to sweet snacks you can grab from the grocery store. But Oreo is changing that.

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Oreo is always unveiling new flavors, but this time, they're making sure their new product is something everybody can enjoy. And I know what you're thinking. What about double stuff? Don't worry icing lovers, the new Gluten Free Oreos will also come in a double stuff option.

According to Delish -

Hitting shelves in January 2021, gluten-free Oreos will be available wherever you find Oreo products for around the same price point and are guaranteed to be made with real cocoa.

Honestly, if I was gluten free, this would have me looking forward to 2021 even more than I already was.

Even though I'm not gluten free, I'm definitely going to try them, and I hope they don't disappoint. As much as I always expect a gluten free sweet to taste a little off, a lot of the time they're made really well and taste delicious. So I hope the Oreo makers didn't disappoint with their new gluten free version.

Here's to January 2021!

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