Am I the only person who is shocked that talking on your handheld cellphone while driving is not against the law in Pennsylvania?  In fact, according to the website, there are only a handful of states that require drivers to use a hands-free feature while driving.

An article on says that a bill was just approved that would add Pennsylvania to that list of states.

According to the article, using a handheld cellphone while driving would be a secondary offense, meaning that "police would not be able to pullover a driver solely because they are seen talking on cellphones," but it could be added to a driver's primary offense (like speeding). says, "Talking on a cellphone would result in a $150 fine on top of any primary violation."  In addition, if a fatal crash occurs while a driver is using a handheld cellphone, a maximum of 5 years could be added to a vehicular homicide sentence.

By the way, according to, Pennsylvania's law would be similar to one that's currently law in New Jersey.



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