I continue to observe this bizarre driving behavior and it continues to perplex me.

Driving while wearing headphones and/or AirPods. In this day in age, you're probably more likely to see someone wearing AirPods while driving, but same idea.

Apple AirPods
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More and more drivers have been driving with AirPods in their ears, and it makes me question every time: Can they get pulled over for that?

One might think that surely this would fall under the category of distracted driving. After all, you need both your eyes and ears to be aware of what's happening on the roads. You have to be able to hear car horns, police/ambulance sirens, railroad crossing bells, etc.

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I was curious about this same issue as it pertains to New Jersey law. And much to my surprise... this is not an illegal action in New Jersey.

According to Grungo Law, the use of headphones while driving in New Jersey is legal because they are considered hands-free devices.

Is driving while wearing headphones illegal in Pennsylvania?

Wearing headphones while driving is illegal in some states and legal in other states. But in Pennsylvania?

Yes, it is illegal in Pennsylvania. Under section Section 3314 - Title 75:

Apple AirPods
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"(a)  General rule.--No driver shall operate a vehicle while wearing or using one or more headphones or earphones."

What are the penalties for driving while wearing headphones in Pennsylvania?

Writing a ticket
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According to Rosenbaum Injury Law:

"If you are driving with headphones, the police can pull you over and cite you for distracted driving, which carries a fine of $50 plus court costs and other fees. The violation does not add points to your driving record unless you are a commercial driver."

Have you seen people driving with AirPods/headphones? What do you think of it?

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