This is going to be so much fun. I just found out while scrolling on Facebook that Palmer Square in Princeton is getting it's own ice skating rink this winter. Oh boy, I haven't been ice skating in a couple of's like riding a bike, right? Lol.

Yeah, Princeton Scoop had the it will only be $10 for each skater, and skates are included in that price. That's a great deal and it's a great winter date idea...wink, wink. If you're single, just grab a group of friends and go...then you can get some drinks in town afterwards.

I just love the idea of skating outside...well, I say that now, until it's below zero. Lol. It's one thing to go to an indoor skating rink, but, it's a whole different experience when you're outside. Growing up in Cranbury, we ice skated on Cranbury Lake every winter, but, it doesn't freeze that much anymore, so going into Princeton to skate sounds like a fun idea.

Here's the open skate schedule:
November 30th-February 28th
Thursday-Friday - 4-7pm
Saturday-Sunday - 12-3pm & 4-7pm

Holidays/Special Days:
December 23, 24 (12-3pm)
December 26, 27, (12-3pm & 4-7pm)
30, 31 (12-3pm)
January 1 (12-3pm)
January 20th – MLK day (12-3pm)
February 17th – Presidents day (12-3pm)

Get ready to lace up those skates.

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