Paris Hilton supports her longtime friend Britney Spears amid the #FreeBritney movement.

“It breaks my heart that people have so much control over her," Hilton told The Sunday Times.

The pop star is trying to remove her father, Jamie Spears, from hsi position as the sole conservator of her finances and estate, which currently gives him full control over all of her personal decisions.

"It’s not fair to be an adult and be treated like a child," the 39-year-old heiress added. "I can’t imagine having to live my life like that.”

Spears and Hilton had a highly publicized friendship in the early 2000s. The duo were constantly followed by paparazzi as they partied around Hollywood, often joined by Lindsay Lohan.

The two aren’t as close today, but Hilton has nothing but love for Spears.

"She is so sweet... the last time I saw her was at her show in Vegas and she looked hotter than ever. She does not age," Hilton gushed about Spears in an interview in 2018. "I love her."

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